Where is The Shri Ram Universal School located?

Spread across 5.5 acres, the school is located in Panchkula, DLF Valley. The Lush green campus is ergonomically constructed with a unique architectural design for developing the potential of each child.

What are the timings at school?

Pre-Nursery & K.G : 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Grade I onwards: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

What is the uniform at school?

Nursery & K.G : House T Shirts and Navy Blue Shorts Grade I onwards: Formal Uniform 1. White Shirt (with Blue and White stripes) 2. Navy Blue shorts/skirt/trousers 3. House T Shirts (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) 4. White socks with yellow stripes at the hem 5. Black shoes 6. Blue sweater during winters 7. Track pants during winters

What does my child wear for his/her birthday?

The children of junior school can wear birthday dress on their birthday. However, if they are going on a field trip, it is suggested that they come in the school uniform and may wear their birthday dress on another day. They can carry two simple chocolates for their friends and teachers. Senior school children must come in uniform on their birthdays. No elaborate birthday celebration, such as carrying cake to be cut in class or expensive gifts, are encouraged on campus. However they can donate a library book or a sapling.

Is The Shri Ram School Delhi and TSUS same?

TSUS adopts the curriculum pedagogy, teaching methodology and the best practices of The Shri Ram School, Delhi, by collaborating with Shri Educare Limited which is a sister concern of The Shri Ram Schools.

Will the school get upgraded each year?

Yes, the school will certainly upgrade each year.

Which Curriculum would TSUS follow?

We follow the CBSE curriculum and incorporate the 'SHRI' Way or teaching-learning methodology, which is integrated by Shri Educare Limited.

What type of teaching methodology is followed in the elementary grades?

The methodology at TSUS is an amalgamation of best practices and pedagogy across the globe. Known by us as the 'Shri Way', the methodology at school takes care of intellectual, social, physical and emotional wellbeing of the children by facilitating the learning process.

What is the teacher student ratio?

We follow a whole school ratio of 1:10, with an additional facility of one didi per section in the Pre-Primary grades.

Do you undertake background check of the cleaning staff and didis and bhaiyas of school?

Yes, we do. We also conduct in-house and external trainings for all our staff, including Support Staff, to ensure that our vision of providing a safe and secure environment is implemented. These trainings are ongoing and mandatory for all staff employed at school.

What is the process of evaluation? When do you start with formal examinations?

Assessment is a continuous and ongoing process at TSUS. In the Pre-Primary and Junior Grades assessments are conducted to evaluate Understanding, Application and Effort. Whilst knowledge, retention and recall are very important, focus is on building Higher Order Thinking Skills which equip the child to become a self-motivated lifelong learner. Formal assessments begin from middle school through a system of formative and summative assessment involving a mix of cycle tests, projects, presentations and quizzes, which incorporate writing and oral skills. A record of the academic progress, cognitive and physical development of the children of all the classes is maintained by the teachers. These are shared periodically with parents and strategies for enhancing the child’s ability are designed. We follow assessments and evaluation at the Middle and Senior levels in school as defined by the CBSE.

Does the school have transport facility?

Yes, the school has buses that ply to most of the main areas and locations of the city. Details regarding bus routes and pick up points would be shared by our Administrator at the school campus.

What kind of medical facilities are available? How are parents informed in case of an emergency?

We have an Infirmary with a full-time Nurse who is equipped to handle First Aid for small cuts and bruises. Although no internal medicine will be administered by the School Nurse, in case of a need she will connect with the Parent to seek permission for the same. In case of an emergency, Parents are informed immediately and the child along with the Nurse will be rushed to the Hospital which the school has tied up with for required attention and action.

What steps does the school take to ensure proper hygiene?

The schools have trained housekeeping staff under an effective supervisor. Frequent inspection by the administrator and the supervisor ensures a clean environment. Support staff is regularly trained in hygiene. The quality of the water supply is monitored carefully throughout the year.

What are the options for fee payment?

All payments to school are vide, cheques, drafts or online bank transfers only. Details for online transfers will be given on request by the Administrator/Parent Relationship Officer.

How does the school ensure safety of the children?

All the classes are monitored by teachers at all times. The campus is strictly under CCTV surveillance. The school follows the child protection policy to ensure utmost security and safety of the students. All in disciplinary issues are addressed and an environment of integrity is encouraged. Students are expected to follow school rules and conduct themselves appropriately. There is round the clock guarding of the campus. Identity cards are issued to students and staff and must be carried always.

What is special about the teaching learning method of The Shri Ram Universal School?

The teachers recognise differential learning and lessons are designed such that they appeal to visual, kinesthetic and spatial learners. Methods of teaching according to the international norms are maintained in the classrooms. Teaching methodology includes, and also goes beyond, the classroom dialogue between teacher and students and incorporates presentations, projects and activity-based teaching; collaborative, experimental and experiential learning; self-study and peer teaching. TSUS students explore, experiment, experience and enjoy the learning.

Is there an emphasis on academics or co-curricular activities?

In keeping with the belief in providing varied learning opportunities, drawing forth all kinds of potential and acknowledging and cultivating diverse strengths to take education beyond books, the curriculum at The Shri Ram Universal School is structured to include both pursuits of academic excellence to the best of one’s ability and co-curricular activities in various fields to build confidence and a more rounded personality. Every child can dream and follow that dream, with the school and faculty acting as facilitator and guide to channel aspirations and abilities.

What sports facilities do you offer?

Sports are taken seriously at The Shri Ram Universal School and facilities are available for a multitude of sports activities such as Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Yoga and Skating. All the planned sports facilities would be developed in a phased manner. The campus has open spaces for play and structured physical education classes. Trained and experienced physical educators ensure that the children participate in age appropriate sports and exercises to develop the skill set required to pursue specific sports based on their interest going forward.

How are parents informed about the progress of their child?

There are regular Parent Teacher Meetings held in school. While formal report cards are given twice a year, a system of non-reporting Parent Teacher Meets is also followed with prior appointment.

How will I know what’s happening in my child’s classroom, and in the school?

The school communicates with parents through the website, newsletters, text messages, e-mail and school diaries. Scheduled communication between teachers and parents includes parent teacher meetings, end of the term reporting, meeting by appointment and walk-in time. Apart from these scheduled meetings, teachers meet with parents whenever a need arises and much informal communication takes place at the many school events. The school website offers a vast amount of information on the school, and its programs and events. Our Parent Portal is another means of communication between parents and school. Homework is put up on the portal, which the students can log on to regularly. It is strongly recommended that parents log on to the Parent Portal to remain aware of school events.

Do you accept student applicants from other educational systems?

Yes, we do accept student applications from other educational systems, subject to the parameters laid down by CBSE.

What are the criteria for the selection of children at the time of admission?

Admission to The Shri Ram Universal School is based upon vacancy in the class to which admission is sought and the age appropriateness as per the school’s admission policy.

Is there a policy for offering admissions to siblings of students in school?

We give preference to siblings of students already in the school. In such a case, siblings automatically move to the top of their respective category in the waiting list.

What is the connection between Shri Educare Limited and The Shri Ram Universal School to The Shri Ram School?

Shri Educare Limited (SEL) was set up by the Arun Bharat Ram family in 2008, formed out of the commitment to expand the reach of quality education. It is essentially engaged in setting up schools (Pre-school, K12) in India and abroad, providing ERP solutions to schools, undertaking education consultancy and coaching students to prepare them for CBSE and AIEEE examinations. Shri Educare Limited (SEL) and Vidyalok Educational Trust have signed an agreement with the aim of jointly facilitating the setting up of TSUS in Hyderabad. The Shri Ram Universal School (TSUS) and will imbibe the core ideals enshrined in the pedagogical philosophy of The Shri Ram Schools (TSRS). Other TSUS set up in the country include those at Rohtak, Palava – Navi Mumbai, Noida and Hisar.

What is the admission process and which documents are required for application?

The process of admissions is as follows: 1. Collect Admission Docket from Reception on payment of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundread only) 2. Fill in the Application and all other attached forms Attachments required: 3. Copy of child’s birth certificate 4. Proof of residence 5. Photo id of parent (Driving License, Aadhar Card, Election Card, Passport) 6. Copy of last Progress Report 7. Transfer Certificate from last school attended (for children seeking admission to Grade I and above only) 8. 6 passport size photographs of the child 9. Submit the duly filled forms along with all other relevant 10. documents and certificates mentioned in point number 3 11. Make the payment of fees at the Fee Counter 12. Collect Offer Letter from Reception along with receipt for fees paid

Can there be a direct admission / transfer to The Shri Ram Schools in case of a transfer?

There is no guarantee of admission into The Shri Ram Schools in Delhi and Gurgaon. This is primarily because TSRS follows a strict admission policy and there is complete transparency in their admission process. Whenever vacancies arise, those on the waiting list are offered admission on a first come first serve basis.

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