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Message by Principal

The highly competitive times that we live in, make it incumbent upon a school to engage in constant introspection and retrospection designed to keep pace with global educational trends; only then can an institution befittingly equip its students to face challenges in life. Shri Ram has long been a predominant and distinguished name in the field of education, upholding a progressive ideology that emanates from a strong tradition of delivering excellence in education. At TSUS Panchkula, to this glorious ethos we stand committed, and we bring the unmatched Shri Ram advantage to the children of the region.  

At TSUS, we believe that every child has immense potential; institution and curriculum should be so designed as to enable students with diverse abilities, interests and aptitudes to realize their full potential.  We nurture our students to be creative thinkers and lifelong learners. Hence, our unique Shri Ram learning environment is all encompassing of a specialized curriculum and innovative pedagogy, supported by state of the art infrastructure and dedicated trained faculty, all aimed at empowering our children to lead extremely fulfilling lives.

In juxtaposition with this, we also perceive, it is our responsibility as a premier institution bearing allegiance to a chain of great credibility, to make a notable contribution to uplifting the social and moral environment of our nation. Quality institutions, such as ours, must work concertedly towards enhancing the prevalent value systems and ensuring that life around us is reflective of desirable standards of moral and ethical values. Therefore, we at TSUS intend to strive tirelessly to instil in our students a strong sense of personal discipline, integrity of character, probity and respect for diversity that ingrains in them an unflinching moral and civic sense and qualifies them to be upright global citizens. TSUS students groomed in the Shri Ram way, are bound to have an indomitable edge over their peers in a fast changing and futuristic world that will make all the difference to the course their lives take.

Gurvinder Sohi


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