Here is how you can get involved and help the school community grow.

Become a class rep

Class reps serve as the primary contact between the school and their classmates. Find out more.

Offer discounts to fellow alumni

Many of our alumni offer fantastic discounts on products and services to the community. You too can promote your business by offering discounts to fellow alumni. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Help us build our archives

Help us build our archives by donating your yearbooks, school reports, payment receipts, flyers or notes from teachers. If you don’t want to part with your collection, please lend them to us for a few days and we’ll return them to you safely.

Organise a reunion in your city

Keep in touch with fellow alumni in your city through reunions and gatherings. We can help you find alumni and give advice on how to organise a reunion.

Share a testimonial

Let us know about your time at the school and how it made a difference to your life. Share your experiences with prospective students; you just might encourage someone to have the unmatched quality education and experience that you had.

Tell us where you are

Keeping our records updated will help us in keeping you informed about news and events of your interest. Please let the alumni office know of a change in your address, email or other contact details.

Start an alumni network

You can start an alumni network in your city to interact with like-minded people. Get in touch with the alumni office for details.

Join us on social media

Find your old friends from the school, get regular news and updates and build your friends and professional network.
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Share your news

Whether you’ve changed your job, got married, had a baby or achieved something new, let us know. We are interested in knowing about your achievements and can publish them with your permission.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the above, please write to or call +91 8800200871.

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